Human being, we all believe is a social animal. But what does it mean to be a ‘social’ animal? In that it distinguishes us from other species, that we are able to socialize? Well that is true, but there is more to humans in terms of distinction between us and all other species. And that, is our ability to comprehend logic. To understand the rules of the universe and having the power to manipulate them.

We are the only species in the world, who understand the world and can perceive the world in a way we can use to actually change it. All other species live under natural laws and objective truths. The primal insticts which are inherent to all living biology. Humans on the other hand live in a subjective reality which is projected by the human mind itself. And one that the human mind is entirely capable of changing too, with thought.  So in effect, we are living in a thought originated in a human mind which we can change with our thought. Bottom line, we are living in a paradox. A paradox where objective and subjective realities exist at the same time. The universe, the existence, everything, a beautiful paradox.

Everything that exists, a thought, an idea, an opinion, morality and every single object in the cosmos has a dual nature to it. This dual nature to entities are entirely opposites of each other, but exist for the entity as a state at the same time. To understand this duality, we need to examine what we say when we believe in something or not.

When we say we believe in god for example, we are stating we believe in a power that is higher than us. Indicating the ability of our thought to leap for a higher (or lower) truth with faith. However, we do not know if that god really exists and we are leaping blindly, perceiving god to be there. This phenomena of the belief being true and false at the same time, makes your belief a paradox. Similarly everything that exists in the world as an entity which does not have it’s  own intrinsic characteristics, exists in dual nature. This dual nature is at the heart of the concept of any paradox. The world of polar opposites as we say, Good vs evil, hope vs fear, true vs false, objective vs subjective, existence vs non existence, light vs dark, life vs death are some of the paradoxes that we can clearly perceive and understand.

Considering our existence, which can be a paradox in itself, we can say we also have a state of non-existence. But since the paradox is valid only when it is at the same time, is it possible that we exist as well as do not exist at the same given time? An infinitesimal moment in time between our alternating objective and subjective realities?

If yes, then are we ‘we’ or are we ‘new’ at every moment in time?